Rate Your Company

Is your company customer driven? In this short questionnaire you will get a chance to rate your business on a number of critical dimensions of customer management. You will see questions about your culture, infrastructure, processes and systems, customer information, and people. We will send you specific feedback on your business’s relative strengths and challenges, with suggestions on what actions you can take to become even more customer driven. (The survey should take you no longer than 6 minutes to complete, and there are 22 questions that you need to rate.)




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Is our leadership team in complete agreement about customer management goals and priorities, or is there just lip service given to these issues? (Is there a customer management strategy separate from the marketing strategy?)

Are our leaders and managers excellent role models of service, and do they “walk the talk”? (Are they aware of the essential role they play in building a superior service culture?)

Do we have a clear customer value proposition that describes what kind of experiences we want our customers to have when they deal with our business, and does this proposition clearly state what makes us unique and distinct from our rivals?

Have we mapped out all of the key customer “moments of truth” or touch points for all of our customer groups, and do we have a deep and visceral understanding of what they like and don’t like about our business? (Do we have an active and formal process to help us get quality information about our customers’ perceptions and feelings about doing business with our company?)

Do we have an active and formal process that helps us to deeply understand all of our customers’ changing needs, wants, desires, expectations, and fears over time? (And do we also have similar information about our non-customers that don’t consider our services, and our competitors’ customers who don’t use our products/services?)

Is this information communicated throughout our organisation, and responded to at an individual level by all our people?

Do we have visible and active programmes and processes in our organisation that ensure effective retention of our customers, and to penetrate more deeply through cross-sales and up-sales to increase our “share of wallet” and “share of market”? Are we targeting the right customers for our efforts?

Do we recognise, reward and celebrate our best customers, and formally show them that we appreciate their business?

Can we determine the worth of individual customers or segments of customers? (Not just by sales revenue, but by gross profit having subtracted cost of sales, cost of servicing, and cost of communicating.)

Does every person in our organisation know who are our top 20 customers? And do we have a process to manage, discipline or even fire our non-profitable customers?

Do we have a formal programme in place to mobilise the power of referrals, recommendations and customer testimony? Do we have a policy of keeping in touch with our important customers at least once every 90 days?

Are our current measures aligned with our customer management and service experience vision, (as well as the other financial and business priorities)? Do we measure customer loyalty and other customer behaviours that impact on our business?

Is every single employee in our organisation aware of and understands the benefits of customer loyalty, and the price we pay when we mess things up? And do they completely understand their role in creating delighted customers – no matter how far back in the value chain they operate?

Does this knowledge and insight translate into customer-focused behaviour where customers’ interests are put first, and where every employee takes full responsibility for all of our customers’ experiences? (Are our employees able, willing, motivated and committed to giving constant superior customer care?)

Are our recruitment processes aligned with our service vision and values? Are we hiring people who make our vision and values stronger? (Does our orientation/induction program describe the service culture of our organisation and help new hired understand how they can contribute to make it stronger?)

Do all our communications to employees – including training courses, coaching sessions, briefings, meetings, newsletters, and all other media - regularly feature service issues and achievements? Communications?

Do we recognise, reward and celebrate employees who give superior external service to customers (and internal service to colleagues)?

When service breakdowns occur, does our complaint management system respond immediately, with empathy, consistently and in a positive manner to ensure “customer bounce-back”? (Is our complaint recovery worth talking about because it was legendary? And do we have a process to ensure complete prevention when things go wrong?)

Are we any good at constantly and continuously coming up with innovative ways to add value for our customers to create customer loyalty? (Does our service improvement process seek new ideas from every employee? What percentage of ideas are about improvements or added value for customers? Are these given priority?)

Do we have an active benchmarking process to identify - and do better at - our service performance with the best global companies and the best global customer experiences both inside, and outside our industry?

Are we ahead of the game when it comes to the use of modern technology (hardware, software, and capability,) to ensure that our customers have flawless and perfect experiences?

Are we a responsible and ethical member of society that gives back to the communities in which we operate, and honours our commitment to future generations?