Contact us in any way you feel comfortable with, and we will discuss it with you.

Aki Kalliatakis is usually booked at least eighteen months in advance by some clients, but his diary is usually quite tight four to six weeks from the current date. However, he is always willing to accommodate you unless it is physically impossible. Tell us your date and we will confirm availability. Sooner is always better than later.

Although a large part of Aki’s presentations share a common foundation in customer management, there are dozens of possible themes and views he can take. He always customises to fit your industry, your company, your competitive situation, and the current needs and/or themes of your meeting or conference. He has never done the same presentation twice, unless for a corporate road show at a number of different venues.

Aki is on a mission to change the world through service, and he doesn’t want a limited budget to prevent your team from hearing these important messages. His primary goal is to serve our clients and to do what he loves best. His thirty years of experience means that he has a lot to offer your company, and his spellbinding performances do not only entertain, but also provoke. You will be happy that his fees are fair because of the value that he adds. (There are alternatives such as allowing Aki access to the list of delegates’ names, or similar quid pro quo. He also regularly does pro bono work for organisations in need.)

Because Aki Kalliatakis has a tight schedule, he decides how and when it is best to travel from one venue to the next. He prefers to make his own travel arrangements, including car hire and land arrangements, but will be happy to stay in a reasonable hotel at or near where your event takes place. If the event is far from our headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa, he may request a business class flight if the programme is tight. (We do not use travel and accommodation arrangements to make money from our clients, and will supply you with full details and copies of invoices. Aki does not charge professional fees if he is not working on rest days.)

We don’t usually require a deposit, and prefer payment to be made just after the event when all the paperwork has been completed. If your business pays in advance, we will automatically include an “early Payment” discount. When fees are quoted, please note that any country taxes that are required must be paid by your business. In South Africa, VAT is payable, but not if the work is out of South Africa. As far as cancellations are concerned, we understand that sometimes bad things happen and events need to be cancelled or postponed. We will always be understanding, and have rarely charged any client a cancellation fee, (twice in twenty four years.) If Aki cannot make your event through a health crisis or a travel/weather disaster, we will try everything to get you a credible alternative, and he will speak for free at your next event.

It depends on the venue and the number of delegates. However, Aki usually works with Microsoft’s PowerPoint, and will require speakers for the music and videos that are part of his presentation. He prefers a mobile microphone that either clips onto his necktie or around his ear. Under normal circumstances, he prefers to not distribute his presentation to strangers not directly employees of your company or organisation.

Absolutely yes. Aki will supply comprehensive handouts with additional notes, as well as PDF copies of his slides on request. If he is travelling by air, he may request that you either print these in your country, or alternatively pay to have them directly freighted to your venue. Under normal circumstances, we do not charge for reasonable handouts.

As a guest speaker, Aki never uses other people’s functions to sell his products, unless you specifically request this. He will give away free copies of these to members of the audience to generate energy and have some fun. (If you decide to purchase any of our available resources for delegates that attend your event, we will be able to offer these to you at very favourable rates.)